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Deer Fences and Agricultural Fences

Define your perimeters and protect your property with sturdy agricultural and deer fences.

The miles and miles of livestock fence that you see along the highways and byways of Marin and Sonoma Counties are only one type of fence that is classified as agricultural fence. The Fencebuilders has extensive experience in all configurations of agricultural fence.

You can see examples of the wide variety of agricultural fences we offer in the photos on the right.

We'll Build the Perfect Fence for Your Needs:

  • 6 wire Cattle Fence - Post and barbed wire, 48" or 54" high
  • Hog wire fence - Posts woven wire with 2 strands of barbed wire above, 48" or 54" high
  • Horse fence - wood posts with top rail and 2 x 4 non-climb wire mesh, 5' high
  • Deer Fence - 6' or 8' wire mesh with line wire or stranded wire above, 7' or 8' high

6 wire cattle fence is the most common agricultural fence. As the name suggests, the fence consists of 6 strands of barbed wire stretched taught between h-braces and supported in between with steel tee posts spaced approximately 10' apart.


Our Golden Guarantee on our Deer and Agricultural Fences:
If anything goes wrong with the deer fence we build while you own your property,

Hog wire fence is much the same configuration used for smaller animals using a roll of woven wire fabric, 39 or 46 inches high with 2 strand of barbed wire above making the overall height 48" or 54".

Horse fence often uses 5 or 6" round pressure treated lodgepoles spaced 8 or 10' apart with a 6' wood top rail and 2 x 4 non-climb wire mesh stretched taught on the wood frame.

Deer fence is another type of agricultural fence. The numerous herds of deer roaming the California hills are beautiful and graceful but can present a very costly nuisance for property owners who have made substantial investments in their landscaping. If The Fencebuilders has a specialty in the agricultural fence category it is the deer fence. A deer fence stands between 7 and 8' tall and is constructed using 6" round lodgepoles configured as h-brace trusses and spaced approximately 150' apart.

A single 5-6" lodgepole is then placed in the fence line at 40-50' spacing. Steel tee posts fill in the remaining space approximately 10' apart. 6' tall "deer and orchard" wire mesh or 90" tall "game fence" is then stretched taught between the h-braces and fastened to the lodgepoles using galvanized staples and to the tee-posts using clips provided by the manufacturer. 2 strands of barbed wire are then fastened above the wire mesh making the overall height of the deer fence either 7' or 8' high.

We Do Residential Deer Fencing

When the Pauls decided to purchase 40 acres of raw land and plant a vineyard just outside Sonoma, they wanted to protect their investment from the intrusion of deer and other wildlife intending to dine on their young vines and budding fruit. The Fencebuilders, in conjunction with Louise Leff, Landscape Architect, designed and built approximately 3000 lineal feet of 8' high deer fence with gates and operators (some solar powered) to facilitate and protect all phases of the grape growing operation.

We Do Commercial Agricultural Fencing

Port Sonoma Marina is one of the most innovative forward thinking organizations in the North Bay area. They solved the ongoing problem of major annual sediment deposits on the floor of their marina by dredging the sludge, depositing and filling adjacent wetlands, leaving the sludge fallow for a period of time and then planting the re-claimed wetlands with organic fruits and vegetables. The Fencebuilders again designed and built the deer fences to protect the young crops from the deer and myriad of other varmints roaming the wetlands.

How Long Can You Expect Your Fence to Last?

A well-constructed agricultural fence, although not designed for aesthetic beauty, will serve its intended purpose for a minimum of 25 years and often as long as 40-50 years. With our wide variety of experience with all configurations of agricultural fences, we will be glad to help you fence your livestock in or keep all species of pesky wildlife out.

The Fencebuilders are willing and eager to help you solve all the fencing needs around your property; from a small kennel for your pet to miles of post and wire fence to contain your herd.

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